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Crypto Art | Installation

Permanence is a live-mint, generative art installation developed specifically for Singapore Art Week 2022. The work continually looks for new blocks on the Tezos chain, visualises that block, and inserts itself back into the same block.

This technical feat of live-mint, had only been achieved less than a handful of times, and was a first for Asia. Users could scan a QR code, onboard to a wallet if they didn't have one, through a sample social signup, and mint the artwork.

Supported by TZ APAC and Crypto Art Week Asia, the largest crypto art festival in Asia, of which I am a founder, the work was part of the first NFT exhibition to be showcased at Singapore Art Week. Titled “Permanence”, the piece explores how blockchain technology brings about its own state of permanence. This is reflected through the capturing of a moment on-chain as art, and re-injecting it back onto the blockchain.

#Notch #Javascript #Python #DataArt #Blockchain

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