Radarboy3000 is an experimental new media artist working at
the convergence of data, minimalism and experience
Radarboy3000 is a South African creative hacker and techno utopian using generative design and data sculpture for installations, audio visual performances and cryptoart.

His work is inspired by computational art, and the aesthetics of the dance music scene. Stripped of excess details, his mostly monochromatic minimalist art attempts to find meaning and beauty in collaboration with the machine.

He is South Africa's most awarded digital artist, creating digital and physical works for some of the world's biggest brands including Disney, Cartier, Coca Cola, Audi, Lucky Strike, American Express, and Singapore Airlines.

Having lived and worked in Tokyo, Berlin, New York, Hong Kong and Cape Town, George is now based out of Singapore, designing new experiences for galleries, exhibitions, and permanent public installations. He is also the founder of CryptoArt Week Asia, aimed at furthering the interests and reach of cryptoartists in Asia.
Selected projects:

Music For Blockchains

Generative. Audio Ordinal. Dynamic NFT.

Music for Bitcoin is a dynamic NFT and constantly evolving generative artwork and soundscape, visualising and playing data from each new Bitcoin block mined. More...

Permanence - Singapore Art Week

Generative. NFT. Live Mint.

A live minting installation, visualising blocks on the chain and intersting the artwork back into the block.

Hello Future, Vogue


Launching Vogue's new curated digital marketplace, Brytehall, Hello Future, celebrates scifi and the history of computer graphics and generative art, staging a fashion show in a Lunar Module. More...
central park

An Inconcise History of Central Park

Data Visualisation. Installation.

Visualising the ebb and flow of 150 years of sun, rain and snow at Central Park, eroding all traces of Seneca Village, the first "free blacks" African American community in New York, who were forcibly evicted from the land to make way for the park.

(re)generative tigers

Generative Art.

Only 2967 tigers remain in the wild. This project aims at raising funds and awareness around tiger conservation. More...
ny wind

The Voice of Aeolus

Data Visualisation. Installation.

This is what 12 month's of NY wind looks like. The data drives a generative sound system.
ny PM25

Dark Mountain

Installation. Electronics.

Visualising PM2.5 fine particulate matter air pollution across the five boroughs of New York as a mountain of pollution.
ny wind

Dark Sky

3D. CryptoArt.

Radarboy3000 genesis piece on Makersplace.

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