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(re)generative tigers

Generative | NFT

A generative art project, in collaboration with the Corbett Foundation, to raise awareness for tiger conservation.

Every stripe is unique, much like these NFTs. To help ensure that Bengal tigers can continue to regenerate their numbers, this special generative NFT collection will aid conservation efforts to create ample corridors for every remaining tiger to roam free and repopulate.

The release contains a total of 2967 (re)generative tigers based on the estimtes of numbers of tigers in the wild. The code is based around the concept of 'random walkers', 2967 computational agents that roam around in a generative, but deterministic manner, and leave a trail, slowly revealing tigers. The underlying source material of the images, is from photos of some of the actual tigers that remain in the wild.

The Corbett Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that is fully dedicated to the cause of wildlife conservation.

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