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Hello Future, for Vogue

Generative | NFT

Hello future / Future Now is a collection that takes place at on imaginary space catwalk in the not too distant future. Inspired by the aesthetics of computational art, the dance music scene, and op-art fashion, the collection consists of 10 NFTs - nine complimenting outfits and a 10th encore ensemble.

Stripped of excess details, radarboy3000’s monochromatic minimalist feature-scapes, yearn for a sci-fi techno utopia. Referencing the history of computation and generative algorithms, the work pays homage to the artists who paved the way for generative expression, and who have inspired, and heavily influenced his work - Sébastien Truchet (aka Father Sébastian, a mathematician, typographer and scientist), Vera Molnár (Hungarian/French artist considered to be a pioneer of computer art and generative art, and is also one of the first women to use computers in her art practice) and Sol Lewitt (an American conceptual and minimalist artist, best known for his instructional "Wall Drawings").

We are entering a new Age, the Second Enlightenment - one of cultural, artistic, political and economic rebirth. Never before has there been such a burst of creativity and transfer of wealth on the planet. Hello future / Future Now serves as a figurative historical document of this transition. With a nod to computer culture, the show takes place inside a giant taurus (the default shape for many 3D computer packages). The android models emerge from the darkness and into light, and then cross back-and-forth again - from analogue to digital, from physical to virtual.

Each ensemble contains a looping soundtrack, by the indie disco folk band Hunter As a Horse, with the 10th and final NFT, 'Encore', brining all the outfits, and revealing the song - 'Prophecy'.

Says Hunter as a Horse: "The song speaks of how it's our destiny and programming to drive towards the future, no matter how uncertain of it we may be."

#Notch #Generative #Music #Javascript #DataArt #NFT

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